Started to Plan the Ski Holiday

It is going to be a big expedition really and some of the time the planning seems to get out of control. The other day one of my buddies was talking about renting a big party bus. I did not think that was a good idea, but there are going to be four couples and we are going to need several vehicles to make the three and a half hour journey up there. We have started to look Vail luxury rentals, big places where all of us can stay and share the cost. The bottom line is going to be pretty huge, but obviously when you split it four ways that is a much better number for each one of us. Of course we are going to save a lot of money because my girlfriend right now is a really incredible chef, she works at this place where you need to call up a bank for a loan after you get your check. She is going to arrange for all of the groceries she needs to be delivered. The same people who provide food for her restaurant have a subsidiary up here and they are going to sell her the food at a reasonable price.

At any rate I have bought a snowboard and I have been trying to figure out how to use it and not end up in an emergency room. Delilah keeps teasing me and calling me the flying tomato, after that guy who does this stuff in the Olympics. It is a big deal not to embarrass myself. You have to think about the helmet you buy too, because they do not give you another dome if you break the one that you are born with. So you get something to protect that brain while you can think about it.